Author Spotlight: Hope Aguilar and her journey of HOPE Through Cancer

We recently celebrated World Cancer Day. Siddhartha Mukherjee, an Indian-born American physician and oncologist, once named cancer The Emperor of All Maladies. We’ve all been impacted by this Emperor during our lives, either through own journeys or supporting friends and loved ones. Today I’m sharing my friend Hope Aguilar’s story.

I first met Hope several years ago while teaching English abroad in Europe. She and I were roommates, two girls of faith from Mississippi and Texas who although were from different backgrounds and lifepaths, had so much in common. She quickly became one of my friends.

Hope has since those days in Europe taught in the Middle East before returning to her native Texas. All the while I got to know during our teaching days, I never knew that she was in remission from late-stage ovarian cancer. But that’s Hope. She has the kind of infectious joy and optimism that would never let you know something was trying to kick her butt. Hope doesn’t roll like that, though.

She published her story in her book Hope Through Cancer, recently launched a podcast, Talk Time with Hope, and published an article on

“I still very much believe that there is life after, and during, cancer. That, yes, cancer can break our bodies, but it cannot break our spirits – if we don’t allow it to. That, yes, cancer may make life hard, physically, psychologically, and financially, but it doesn’t have to mean that life is over. At least that is what I’m choosing to believe.”

from Your Life Is Not Over Cause of Cancer, published on CureToday

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Hope recently came out of remission again and after surgery is undergoing chemotherapy. When she asked me to share her GoFundMe page, I couldn’t help but share her wisdom and journey with you. To support her in journey, please consider giving what you can to her GoFundMe page: